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Frances Success Story

Frances Success Story

Frances, a beautiful young Shepherd/Beagle mix, was heavily pregnant and recovering from illness when she was saved at the last-minute from being euthanized in a Southern shelter. In spring 2012, her puppies were born at EGAPL, but we had no kennel space big enough for a nursing mom and eight puppies. Our Cat Adoption Chair decided to break with her tradition of kitten-fostering and foster her first litter of puppies!

Frances was a wonderful mom and an enthusiastic houseguest. She greeted her foster mom and guests happily every day and even got along well with her feline housemates. After her puppies, Francis’ favorite thing in the world was a good, long walk where she could meet new people and dogs, smell the fresh air, and get back to her pre-puppy weight.

Once her puppies were old enough to be adopted, Francis came back to EGAPL so she, too, could meet potential adopters. It didn’t take long for her new parents to find this gem, and she went to her forever home in May 2012. Frances is still doted on by her parents, who have kept us updated with stories of “Frannie” and her new doggie sibling!

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