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We’re winding up the warmest winter on record here in Rhode Island! While we humans enjoyed a winter (mostly) free
of shoveling, warmer-than-average temperatures brought an early mating season for our feline friends. Typically, “kitten season” begins in April and ends around October. However, this year we received stray kittens in December – a first for EGAPL! We expect that we soon will be inundated with kittens and their unaltered stray parents.
While Rhode Island continues to battle an overpopulation of cats, an abundance of unwanted dogs is prevalent down South, where they face a terrible fate in high-kill shelters. EGAPL takes in pregnant mothers and unwanted puppy litters whenever possible from states with limited animal welfare laws.

Spay & neuter

The best way to stop the cycle is to spay and neuter all cats and dogs! Without preventative measures, millions of unwanted cats and dogs are born annually, resulting in overcrowded shelters and euthanasia. Starting at four months-old, male and female kittens and puppies are eligible for these procedures. In the State of Rhode Island, it is mandatory to have all owned cats and dogs altered, with few exceptions.

Many pet-owners are unaware that there are also health benefits to spaying and neutering. Cats and dogs that are not spayed or neutered before the age of maturity face a much higher risk of cancer than their altered peers. You can protect your pet’s health and save the cost of future veterinary treatment by making the decision to spay and neuter today!

spay & neuter 3

We are aware that the cost of veterinary surgery can be prohibitive. Every cat, kitten, dog and puppy adopted from EGAPL will be spayed or neutered at our expense. If you already own a pet in need of spaying or neutering, please check our Community Resources page to find local veterinarians and low-cost alternatives. Remember, not only is it state law, it’s also a requirement of ours (and most rescues) to have your pets spayed or neutered before you can adopt another one!

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