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These puppies are anything but creepy and kooky (ok, they might be a little kooky…). They came up with their parents, Morticia and Gomez and they can’t wait to be adopted. They are about 10 weeks old and are a Bull Dog/Lab mixed breed.¬†They are up to date on age appropriate vaccinations.

Wednesday: female, gray face, white chest, brown legs, white toes, blue eyes.

Pugsley: female, tan coat, white chest, black muzzle, black ears.

Fester: male, gray coat, brown legs, white mark on chest, featured photo.

Cara-mia: female, gray coat with brown feet. Very shy.

Pubert: female, gray coat, white chest.

Cousin Itt: male, black coat.

Lurch: female, gray coat, white chest, black nose.

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